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Corona fresh sausage meal blends are designed for ease of use. Just add meat and iced water. An extensive range of gourmet and classic flavours are stocked. Corona specialises in developing new and interesting flavour profiles.

Corona stocks a variety of products specifically for smallgood making needs.

Corona specialises in marinades & sauces with excellent flavour. Our marinades have been created to have an excellent coating ability for a variety of meat species and cuts. A focus on taste, quality and presentation is achieved in our MF ranges.

Corona dry flavours are highly concentrated in flavour and are very versatile allowing to make a variety of tasty products. Corona's dry flavours are consistent in flavour and quality.

Corona curing agents have been designed to simplify the meat curing process for our customers. The quality and flavour profile has been developed to be of the highest possible standard. Roast and injection mixes will result in succulent and tender products when used as directed.

Plain and flavoured food coating solutions for crumbing batters and sprinkles.

Corona offers a range of gluten free and traditional style stuffing mixes. Suitable for use with any meat species. Stuffing mixes are easy to use: simply add water, soak and then stuff.

Classic seasonings and gourmet flavour profiles to create tasty: burgers, patties, grill-sticks, meat loaves, rissoles and more! Excellent binding ability and presentation of finished product.

A dry product that when simply applied to meat results in an appealing glaze.