Lamb Jumbucks

  • Ingredients
  • Method
  • 1 kg lean boneless loin of lamb
  • 500g lean minced lamb
  • 50g 4669 HONEY ROSEMARY GLAZE   2 Kg
  • 50g 4707 SOUVLAKI RED FLAVOUR D/F   2 Kg
  • 20g sun-dried tomato on top of mince
  • 20g Green Capsicum
  • 10g olive oil
  • 1 sprig rosemary
  1. Lay loin out flat and place mince on top length ways
  2. add 2/3 of paste mixture to minced lamb and mix through
  3. Add HONEY ROSEMARY GLAZE and SOUVLAKI RED FLAVOUR D/F together with olive oil and mix to a paste  
  4. Place sun-dried tomato
  5. Place diced green capsicum on top of tomato
  6. Roll flap of loin over, place sprig of rosemary on top and tie together    
  7. Coat with remaining paste mix for extra flavour and eye appeal
  8. To cook bake in oven or fry pan at 175 degrees for 20 minutes turning occasionally.
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