Pumpkin, Fetta & Chives Gourmet Sausage Meal

  • Ingredients
  • Method
  • 1 kg of 7283 PUMPKIN FETTA & CHIVES G/M   1 Kg
  • 10 kg lamb
  • 2 kg iced water
  • 2 kg of cooked pumpkin skin off (diced small pieces)
  • 100g fetta cheese
  • 50g of chives, spring onions or shallots
  1. Mince lamb on a coarse plate we suggest 5-6mm
  2. Add half the gourmet meal and mix thoroughly
  3. Add half the ice/iced water and mix thoroughly
  4. Add remaining half of gourmet meal
  5. Then the remaining ice/iced water
  6. Mince through 4mm plate
  7. Add 2 kg raw pumpkin (cooked and diced into small pieces)
  8. Crumble 100g of fetta cheese into mixture with 50g of finely diced chives, shalltos or spring onion
  9. Hand mix into the emulsion *do NOT re-mince*
  10. Fill into casings and refrigerate
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