Sundried Tomato Capsicum & Fetta gourmet sausages

  • Ingredients
  • Method
  • 1 kg SUNDRIED TOMATO & BASIL G/M                       
  • 10 kg lean 80% beef and lamb                      
  • 2.5 kg iced water
  • 100g fetta cheese diced                    
  • 25g diced sundried tomatoes                          
  1. Mince 10 kg of meat through coarse plate
  2. add SUNDRIED TOMATO & BASIL G/M                                                    
  3. Add iced water and mix until emulsion is tight
  4. re-mince emulsion (sausage mix) on a fine plate
  5. Mix fetta, capsicum and diced sundried tomato pieces together
  6. Then carefully add the fetta, capsicum and sundried tomato pieces to the sausage mix and blend through gently and thoroughly.
  7. Fill in the appropriate casings, such as 26mm DEVRO casings.   
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