Chicken Mango Curry Parcels

  • Ingredients
  • Method
  • 600g chicken
  • ½ tin of sliced mangos
  • 2 tablesppons 6992 MANGO CURRY SPICE/GLAZE   2 Kg
  • 100g camembert cheese
  • 2 puff pastry sheets
  • Garish with 2742 SESAME SEED   1 Kg
  1. Cut chicken into cubes or strips
  2. Add MANGO CURRY SPICE/GLAZE to chicken pieces and mix well
  3. Cut pastry sheets in half
  4. Spoon in 125g of chicken and mango mix to each pastry portion
  5. Add a slice of mango on top of chicken mix
  6. Add a 25g slice of camembert cheese onto each parcel    
  7. Fold pastry over to form a rectangle and squeeze the pastry edges together
  8. Brush top of parcel lightly with mango juice from the tinned mangoes and garnish with sesame seeds.
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