Chicken Spinach and Pinenut Florentine Style Gourmet Sausage

  • Ingredients
  • Method
  • 1 kg 6610 SPINACH & PINENUT G/M   1 Kg
  • 10 kg chicken meat skin on (Maryland or thigh)
  • 2 kg iced water or ice
  • 30g pine nuts diced
  • 50g baby spinach (sliced in half)
  1. Mince chicken on coarse plate
  2. Add gourmet meal and mix throughly
  3. Add ice or iced water and mix together well
  4. re-mince through fine plate
  5. If you would like a dryer or tighter sausage add 1-1 ½ handfuls of rice flour to the mix to take up the added moisture from the poultry)
  6. Add diced pine nuts & sliced spinach to emulsion (sausage mince) and mix well by hand    
  7. Fill into appropriate sausage casings
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